Your m3u subscription is not tied to one device, but you can only stream on one device at a time. For example, you can use your m3u subscription on your tablet, smartphone, Android box, Kodi device, etc. as long as only one device is active at a time. This allows you to keep streaming on your phone as you move around your house, or switch from the TV in the living room to your laptop in your bedroom. Just make sure you close the stream on one device before opening it on another one

How to Stream Simultaneously

If you want to be able to watch on multiple devices at the same time, you will need multiple m3u subscriptions. But donโ€™t worry, we offer a  10% multiroom discount to make this option more affordable. 

These limitations are based on legal regulations, so be aware that if you try to stream on multiple devices simultaneously your IP address may be blocked and you will no longer have access to the service. Under some circumstances, we are able to remove the block, but it is safer not to try streaming on multiple devices simultaneously.  


MAG devices and Multiroom 

Unfortunately, the Multiroom does not work with MAG devices. You can only have one MAG device per external IP address (typically your home has one external IP address).