How to Add/Install M3U IPTV List to e.g. MAG250 Box or any other Mag device!

This is particularly interesting because you don't have to tie it to a fixed Mac address
so you've more freedom to use the playlist on more devices, however as usual not at the same time!

1. Put the m3u list on USB

2. Go to the main menu of MAG250 

3. Insert USB 

4. Go to ''Home Media''

5. Find USB

6. Press OK on USB

7. Locate M3U File 

8. Press OK on ''m3u list'' to open it

9. Now you see your TV channel names 

10. Press menu (โ‰ก)

11. Choose Select all

12. Press menu again

13. Press copy

14. Press TV (itโ€™s on your remote)

15. Now you go to IPTV channels list

16. Press menu

17. Press paste

18. After that Press EXIT (1 or 2 times but donโ€™t hurry)

19. It will ask to Save this 

20. Press OK to save