This is an application that can replace Set Top Box for our service.
No extra hardware required! All you need is a supported network-enabled Smart TV. You can use the application just like you would the Set Top Box using your TV’s remote and retain all features that are offered by your provider. For example timeshift, video on demand, interactive TV and so on.

Download from your’s TV market application named Smart STB

Smart-STB application (an emulator of “Mag 250” set-top box) for Smart TV

Price and other information please check TV Team Pricing

1) Enter the app store on your TV.

2) Select the “Search” line and press the input on the remote control.

3) In the search bar, enter “Smart STB” and click “OK”.

4) As a result of the search, select the Smart STB application and press the input on the remote control.

5) The application installation menu opens.

6) When the installation is complete, a message will appear indicating that the installation is complete

Supported systems:

1. Samsung (Tizen) 2. Samsung (Smart TV) 3. LG (Webos) 4. Android (TV, no pen)

Application activation (purchase)

1. Just provide your Virtual MAC address to us
2. In order to get your Virtual MAC address, just go to this link: Smart-STB Virtual MAC Address Guide
2. Wait for confirmation from the support team.

Launching the application for viewing.

1) Run application.

2) “Loading portal …” appears on the screen. Press the “Menu” or “OK” (“Enter”) button on the remote control.

3) In opened settings menu select “System settings”.

4) In the “System settings” go-to “Portal”.

5) In the “Portal” settings, specify the name in the “Portal 1 name” field (you can enter any name) and the portal address in the “Portal 1 URL” field. The address of the portal should be entered (ask us for portal)

6) Exit the “Portal” and select “Restart”.

7) “Loading Portal” and the download bar will appear alternately on the screen.

8) A window for entering login and password will open. Enter your details and click “OK” on the TV screen.

9) The TV viewing menu opens.

Setting up viewing TV channels

Select the channel you want to configure. Open the channel for viewing in full-screen mode and press the “Tools” button on the remote.

The channel setup menu opens, showing the following settings:

“Audio” – select the audio track;

“Subtitles” – settings of the subtitles on the TV screen;

“3D mode” – a selection of 3D mode (if available);

“Complaints” – here you can choose the following options: to sound, to the image, to the lack of a program guide and to the discrepancy of the program guide;

“Clock” – enable or disable, as well as the location of the clock display.

Additional Guide: How to set up an m3u playlist on Smart-STB?