As you surely know IPTV is not a flawless solution, of course, we strive to offer you the best possible service, that's why we have most channels in HD+ HD and SD resolution if for some reason one doesn't work you could switch to the same channel.

Every IPTV service has hiccups. Every. Single. One. There's downtime, there's buffering, there are incomplete EPGs, there is always something and it's impossible for there not to be. Anyone who tells you there is 100% no buffering, never any issues, and never any downtime, is not entirely honest. 

IPTV has many variables affecting the stability of the channels e.g.

ISP <--- they might throttle you which might require a VPN (more on this in a moment, because everyone should be using one). 

They might block IPTV providers all together using something like. Sky Shield or BT websafe. You want to disable these blockers. We see people saying they have a gigabit link but still buffering. Sorry, it's most likely you. You have a gigabit link to the next hop and that's about it. 

Customer Network <---- Your home network might not be up to par. Do you have wifi/wired? Do you live in an apartment building with a lot of WIFI competition? Get a wired link.

Customer device <--- is your device underpowered? An old enigma or a cheap android box might not cut it for HD or FHD.

Keep in mind if you watch on your mobile you want a provider with some SD options. If you have data transfer caps you will want SD channels. FHD/HD left on is a heavy load of traffic. 

Ideally, ones that have HD and SD options for your favorite channels.

We offer many tutorials and solutions mentioned on our website and emails we sent out how to solve many of these issues however as mentioned before how blunt this may sound if you expect and want channels with 100% uptimes then IPTV is not for you. 

Perhaps you are better off with Sling TV or PS Vue or Amazon Prime or Youtube TV Netflix or something similar, or sticking with your current cable or satellite service wich in comparison will cost you a lot more and you don't have the opportunity to have so many options as with our service for a fraction of the cost.

However, we always are busy getting our service better to avoid many of these issues.